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Série B1200


One Brick, Two Sizes and Thousands of Possibilities

One brick, two series and infinite harmonious possibilities to suit your tastes.

Featuring a vast range of colours and our seal of quality, the B1200 series is a product for the new decade.

Give your home a Victorian look by adding the all-new Mozatek to the B1200 series.

Offering endless possibilities for mixing colours and sizes, the B1200 series combined with Mozatek gives contemporary residences a warm, rustic look.

Give your home the classic elegance it deserves by choosing colors to suit its environment. By juxtaposing architecture and nature, you create a harmonious effect that only enhances your surroundings.

Dimensions (LxWxH):
305 mm x 90 mm x 96 mm
12’’ x 3 1/2’’ x 3 3/4’’

Buff and grey #B 1229
Grey and black #B 1280
Buff and black #B 1282
Tan and black #B 1287
Buff and brown #B 1293



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*Our products are manufactured to meet or exceed the following standards:
CAN A.165.2-M85 TYPE 1-25
ASTM-C55 and ASTM-C145
BNE 2623-001-76


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