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900 Series


One Two-Sided Brick, Thousands of Possibilities

Our processes support production of cored concrete brick for better bonding of the brick and mortar as well as unique cleavage characteristics to ensure an even cut. These are some of the advantages helping you to choose an exterior facing that adds immeasurable esthetic value to your project.


Dimensions (LxWxH):
227 mm x 90 mm x 70 mm
9’’ x 3 1/2’’ x 2 3/4’’

Calcite blue # 945
White # 990
*Custom colours to complement your project available on request


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Inca Stone

Architectural Blocks

900 Series

1100 Series

B1200 Series

3000 & B3000 Series

Maya Series

Citadin Series

*Our products are manufactured to meet or exceed the following standards:
CAN A.165.2-M85 TYPE 1-25
ASTM-C55 and ASTM-C145
BNE 2623-001-76


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